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Distributors of industrial sewing equipment since 1945

Civit Products is the US distributor for the Stitchline brand of sewing machines. These machines help to round out our machine selection with high quality, affordable options, geared towards smaller businesses such as sample rooms, tailors, alteration shops, and at-home industries. Please give us a call or send us an email for more information.

Blind Stitch Machines

US Stitchline 718-2

The US Stitchline 718-2 is designed for small operations such as tailors, sample rooms, and alteration shops. It is versitile with both standard 1:1 stitching and 2:1 skip stitching. It is also the blind stitch of choice for many major department store alteration rooms.

Long Arm Walking Foot Machines

SL1500L-25 Series

The Stitchline SL1510L-25 and SL-1560L-25 are fantistic options if you are looking for a high quality yet affordable long arm walking foot machine. Both single and double needle are available in a 25 inch arm for maximum maneuverability inside the neck. They also come with a powerful air footlift system to cut down on operator fatigue.

Computerized Buttonhole Machines

Stitchline 9820-01

The Stitchline 9820-01 computerized keyhole buttonhole machine offers the speed and precision of more complicated and expensive machines in an easy-to-use package, and at a more affordable price.

It is capable of sewing a wide range and variety of buttonhole shapes and sizes. This makes it a perfect fit for a small manufacturer, sample room, or even a school with a sewing department.

The Stitchline 9820-01 comes standard with an easily understandable panel and user interface with quick access shortcut keys. This greatly improves usability and increases productivity at the same time.

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